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I was looking into purchasing a seagate 80 or 120GB SATA Barracuda 7200.7 hard drive (MD# ST380013AS / ST3120026AS ). Anyone have any of these drives, if so what do you think? Also, can I connect one of these to an ABIT IS7 board and use it as my main boot drive while at the same time use a normal ATA Maxtor drive on the IDE channel as a secondary? Can they both be Master or should the Seagate be master and the Maxtor be slave?
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  1. SATA has no master/slave settings. You will never have to mess with jumpers on an SATA drive. See this <A HREF="" target="_new">link</A>

    So to answer your question both drives will be master since each drive is the only one on its respective controller.
  2. Thx for the link 12th_Man it was helpful.

    BTW Is SATA for RAID only or can it be used with one drive just like PATA? Sorry, I'm a little confused with this since this is going to be my first SATA drive.
  3. To be honest, I've never used SATA drives either, but I do know that you can use one at a time just like the ATA100 drives. You can't do RAID w/ a mix of SATA and PATA drives. RAID drives need to be basically identical.

    I seem to remember a post about a motherboard that forced you to define a RAID array even w/ only 1 drive. I looked for it but couldn't find it. I could be way off because that doesn't seem right. But I'm certian SATA drives work as a single drive. There have been several reviews of SATA drives where it is the only HDD in the test system.
  4. I've got two RAID-0 arrays using two 160gb Seagate SATA drives and the other using two 80gb Maxtor IDE drives.

    The S-ATA drives are run by their own Silicon Images controller. As such, when you boot up, you see the IDE devices detected, then another screen as the SiL controller detects the S-ATA drives.

    No, they cannot be combined, because the RAID controller is in the SiL controller, and as such doesn't work on the IDE controller. You setup RAID configs within the SiL setup (you'll see how, normally F4 on the keyboard).

    Having used both types of drives, I really didn't notice much of a performance gain with either setup, though I found the Maxtor drives to be quieter. The only advantage is that the SATA cables are a breeze to work with after using IDE cables.

    umheint0's phat setup --> <A HREF="" target="_new"></A><--
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