When will I get WIMAX for a desktop?

I can't get DSL. Satellite sucks for gaming. I don't have a laptop. I want fixed wireless. I can get mobile now but no laptop. When will Wimax be widespread. I live NW Alabama.
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  1. Some municipalities are using it currently, you might want to ask local government whether its being considered. It seems to be more likely in small, dense towns. However, you can get PCMCIA to PCI adapters (like this one) and then use a cellular service provider's aircard. I'm not sure what type of cellular coverage you have in your house, but many carriers allow you to test their service for 15 days (I sell for VZW and they have their 15-day Worry Free Guarantee).
  2. Absolutely great post! I have favorite placed the card. We have to go out side to talk on the cellphone. I wish there was some kind of antena I could get. I am supposed to get broadband here by verizon.
  3. does your area have 'clearwire'? http://www.clearwire.com/ You can put your zipcode in to check availability.

    I've never tried it but it might be worth looking into. You put their antenna on your desk and that's about it. Seems like it was cheaper than mobile cards, last I checked anyway.
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