laptop for VISTA

i need laptop for vista
if you know any laptop ready for vista please tell me
do not worry about the money
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  1. Killer Notebooks Executioner

    core 2 duo 2.0ghz
    2gb system ram
    512mb geforece go 7900GTX
    100gb 7200rpm drive
    17" 1400 * 900 LCD screen.

    This notebook rocks, the chasis is made by Clevo and this same rig can be purchased by many other builders. I recommend checking out killer notebooks as they are well priced and his customer service is second to none.

    If you want a machine with a smaller footprint then check out

    I know that vista ran smootlhy on the wakazachi when mark installed it, seeing as the kodachi is the same system in smaller case it should work for that too.

    I think the big thing for vista is video ram, and 256 is the least you probobly want to run the new interface smoothly. at least 1gb system ram is definetly a must as vista is a diabolic memory monster.
  2. that machine you linked to has a 7600 video card - the one Miro is talking about has a 7900 GTX.
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  5. i even believe the
    Intel T2500 Core Duo 2.0 Ghz
    2 GB DDR2-667
    Hard Drives
    60 GB 7,200 rpm
    Wireless Network Card
    108 Mbps a/b/g/G+
    Video Card
    x1600 256 MB
    Optical Drive
    Dual Layer DVD Burner
    K|N Logo Brand
    Shipping U.S.A.

    should be good for vista as well
  6. it is the first time for me to hear with this company
    really i do not know which of them i choose
    what"s your opinion?
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  8. I havent recieved the laptop yet , should be here today , but the owner ( Mark ) is great. He is a top notch person and is really active here in the forums. Everyone i know of who has one on these forums is extremly happy with them.
  9. i need laptop for games with 17inch
  10. i would go with the executioner then
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