Can I uninstall realtek audio manager without uninstalling the driver?

Every 5 minutes or so the audio manager says something has been disconnected and then instantly reconnected putting it in front of every other window and being annoying because it doesn't self minimize. is there a way to stop this the sound card is a realtek alc898 i tried turning off taskbar notifications but it still opens up. I've tried pulling the jack out out, cleaning it and cleaning it, but it still happens.
Please help it's driving me up the wall
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  1. Yes, you can uninstall the whole bundle and then let the rig startup and it'll install just the drivers for the audio device.
    Check the Add and Remove Programs in the CP and remove the Audio Manager Software. When it asks if you want to remove other essential files say no. and continue.
    There is a setting in the Audio Properties which says Jack Detection.... you could turn that off and see if it works fine before you go ahead and uninstall anything.
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