Wifi driver for thoshiba c660 satellite windows 32 bit

i need wifi drivers please give me
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  1. Have you tried looking at toshiba support? http://toshiba-asia.com/support/drivers
  2. wifi driver download please give me
  3. Once again, Have you looked on the toshiba support site? http://toshiba-asia.com/support/drivers
    Step 1: click on the link I provided
    Step 2: select "Notebook Computer" under heading 1 Product
    Step 3: select "Satellite" under heading 2 Series
    Step 4: select "Satellite C660" under heading 3 Models
    Step 5: select "Windows 7" under heading 4
    Step 6: select "Wireless LAN" under heading 5
    Step 7: click on "Go" button directly under heading 4

    I cannot be any clearer than this. If you cannot follow these instructions I suggest you ask a friend who is more tech savvy than you are and ask them to do it.
  4. me also
  5. Try this:
    1-Right click on My Computer and select Properties.
    2-In the left panel select Advanced system settings. the System Properties window will show.
    3-Click on the Hardware tab.
    4-Select Device Installation Settings.
    4-To the question "Do you want Windows to download driver software..." Select "Yes...". Save changes.
    Windows will now look for all unrecognized hardware and find its drivers.
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