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Hello everyone,

i’ve got this laptop - clevo d400v - for 2 years now and i’m quite satisfied with it. The built in web cam used to work with no problems. Recently i noticed the camera didn’t show anything at all. Under the universal serial bus controllers I see this Unknown device. I uninstall it, install the web cam’s (CMM PC) installation program and reboot. Other times it recognizes the camera but i cannot use it since it gives me a message “cannot video capture, make sure that another application or user doesn’t use the camera”. Some times when it recognizes the camera and i see this TV/Video adapter (connected) under LAN – High speed Internet connections at Network connections which freezes my computer after using Internet Connection Sharing with XBOX360. But most of the times it recognizes it as an Unknown device (Usb device) and it is very difficult to install it. I know the camera is working since the last week I had video capture for a few only seconds. I have installed the latest drivers, the device must be connected under 1 of 4 usb root hub (usb 2.0) which is probably shared with 1 external usb port (2 external ports total), 1 hub for the built in card reader, 1 hub for the other external usb port, the 4th I don’t know (it says at device manager 6 ports available at power tab). Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Laptop Clevo D400V
P4 2.8Ghz (H/T)
512MB RAM – 200Mhz FSB (1:1 ratio)
Ati Mobility Radeon (M10) 9600 pro – 128MB
HDD – 60GB (4200 rpm udma5 unpartitioned) / DVD-RW/ 6-1 card reader
mobo based on SiS 648FX + 963 chipset
Windows XP Home (English) – SP1
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  1. I would suggest going to Sagers website and see if there is a more current driver available for your laptop. Completely un-install your current driver and load the one off of the Sager website. Let us know if this works :)
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