How reliable are Acer & Asus notebooks?

Does anyone have experience with current models of Acer or Asus notebooks?

Are they reliable?
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  1. I dont have any personal experience with Acers, but I have used a couple Asus Notebooks (Z81SP & now the Z96J) and they are rock solid. I have been using the Z81SP for over 13 months and not a problem. Been using the Z96J for 5 months and not a problem either. I dont think you can go wrong with Asus. ;-)
  2. thanks for the feedback XOTICPC.
  3. Same here. I've sold about 30 Asus laptops over the past year and none of them have had a problem.
  4. I have an accer brand new.......the battery life has dropped by like 20 minutes, and i looked after it. everything else was ok apart from the random system crashes at start-up...

    However this was the cheapest one i could find
  5. We use Acer laptops where i work and have only had 2 with hardware problems out of 40. other then that they have been running fine for the last 2 years and some of them get ruff treatment.
  6. I been running acer. Never had a problem and 3 hour battery life.
  7. i'm using an acer 5551 that i got last week of september and so far, it's been working perfect. :D
  8. Acer's tend to have pretty bad lifespans, they tend to crash pretty easily too, i have had a couple of acers and i take very good care of my laptops. however, asus seems to be more robust and more reliable than acer in most aspects.
  9. I had an acer, and I wont ever invest in one again, It messed up randomly ( I bought it brand new) in the first two months the battery wont last 20 minutes anymore, the keyboard is funky, it messes up your typing, and the H key doesnt work. My best advice is not to go with Acer. Dell has a video card problem last I heard (and worked on) Hp is probably your best bet.
  10. My 1 year old Acer has a column of stuck pixels and a broken hinge. Aside from these two cosmetic annoyances, it has always worked well for me. That said, I'm getting an Asus netbook soon.

    IMO: Asus > Acer
  11. In general both manufacturers are a good choice. You'll never be safe against a dead pixel or bad battery or something, that can happen with any other manufacturer as well.
  12. I have been using acer notebook from many years and till now i have never faced any problem but i have no idea about asus notebook since i have not used it..
  13. I love my Acer Netbook Aspire One - use it everywhere and it work's great - not a problem at all. Hook up with any wireless connection whereever I may be.
    Am happy camper!
    Barbara Ward
  14. I have acer 7740 for 6 months now. the battery went down pretty quickly but otherwise it takes hell of a beating. running on linux atm.
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