laptop help- hdd password cant clear

I have a laptop that asks for a hdd password on power on.. i know the password and i enter it.. i dont want a password anymore

i go into bios and i remove the password and i restart to check that it has been removed.. and it has.. but when i shut down the computer and turn it on the password prompt comes back.. any ideas?

laptop= Toshiba Tecra M5

i was thinking i had to flash the bios but if any of you guys know anything about this let me know... thx
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  1. I figured it out thx for those who tried to help

    How to fix for those who want to know:

    Password field said Registered.. I put in the current HDD password.. and then it another box came up that said new password and i left it blank.. (seems like a no brainer, but the bios was really weird something i have never seen b4)
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