Eurocom's Divine Duo and Killer Notebooks' Executioner: Which Graphics Notebook

When all else is held constant, how do different mobile CPUs and graphics processors affect notebook performance? We find out with Eurocom's Divine Duo M570U and Killer Notebooks Executioner, which are identical except for their CPUs and graphics processors.
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  1. Quote:
    Since both notebooks have the same motherboard, chassis, case and display, keyboard and touchpad and buttons, we can tell you about both by telling you about either.

    So it must come down to the differences in the knowledge and skill level of the people building the machines and the components they use.
    The Killer Notebooks Difference

    Commitment to every aspect of the build is crucial to K|N, and this yields a BIG difference. "Come on, how big of a difference could there be?", you ask. This notebook was disassembled at Mobility Guru for pictures or something, the test results for PC'05 Marks:

    Before I sent this notebook in, the tests I ran for PC'05Marks were more like 100 points higher across the boards. It's every little thing along the way that adds up at the end to give you the fastest notebook possible. This is the synergistic effect... enter Killer Notebooks.

    4%, 5% here and there... it doesn't sound like a lot, but to the ultimate gamer, it is the difference between the sweet smell of vicory and the agony of defeat. Do you want to have to hear your buddies rant on about how great they are or do you want to cram every last kill down their throat sideways?
  2. Grats on the Toms review. The pcMark results seem pretty much obvious to me.. A core 2duo 2.16 should beat the coreDuo 2.0.. as well as the raid 0 beating a single drive.. Too bad that the CD-Dvd has to be sacrificed, but for some it's worth it.

    I'm very interested about the memory score difference. Is this cause KN uses OCZ 5400 ddr2, or were you able to actually adjust the timings/speed of the memory?

    Another point of interest would have been if they had the same GPU..then we could see what impacts happened with FPS and other "real world" results other than benchmarks

    And what are the price points of the laptos here for comparison?
  3. That's one of the reasons I use the memory I use. All these system builders wanted to argue that there was no difference but the proof is in the pudding. Most of these guys are buying memory, slapping it in, and there's your computer. I have a set of customizations I do to get the most out of every system.

    I actually have a review coming up the 1st or second week in November at: which should be far more comprehensive and include a 200 MB video download of the entire review.
  4. I have the Executioner. Coupled with my new Logitech VX...I am unstoppable in BF2142
  5. I dont have a executioner , but i do have Marks lower system , the wakizachi. I'll tell you this. I love the machine , i love everything little thing mark did to make it out perform the competition and the customer service he gives before and after the sale is above top notch. Something i doubt eurocom can understand.
  6. I wonder why you didnt run the systems alike the 570U can run the coredue 2 and i feel that the test you did was un fare to the Eurocom. Try running the test with all the same and you will find no diference.
  7. Poor Eurocom [sniffle], I feel a tear coming on.

    Tom's reviews what you send in, how is it Barry's fault they sent a stock car to a drag race?
    I was trying to send in the system I had reviewed since JULY, and Tom's had it in their hands since late August.

    Yea, everyone supposedly has the stuff now, but I had it WAY before anyone else, you want bleeding edge you need to go to where they are ON the stuff because they love it man!

    Everyone can speculate on if this was different and if that was different, but it wasn't. It is what it is, and you better be ready to put the hammer down when the light turns green or you'll have to make excuses too.
  8. Well i understand that, And i am sorry they send it configed that way, As the Custom Builder of Eurocom in Phoenix, Az i would like to say that if you do anymore test Please feel free and we would love you to Call us to build the systems for Eurocom for you to test, We custom build them as you do. We will build you a Gamming system not a cad system.

    Simply Laptops
  9. I am not trying to be smart here, but I really don't understand what you just posted. Are you trying to say that you build the systems for Eurocom?
  10. No We are the a factory reseller and one of the few that build and repaire Eurocom's in the US in house, We dont send to Clevo or Eurocom for repaire or Build.
  11. Ok, I think I understand. You guys are distributors for Eurocom.
    So you guys are the one's that sell the Eurocom's in the U.S. ?
    Do you find there is a language barrier when you are selling systems? Where are you from?
  12. Yes, And no we find no language barriers we deal with eurocom in Canada.We build for what you want to do with it and we test the systems with the Games like EQ2, to make sure the system will play the game to it fullest.We are out of Phoenix, Arizona
  13. Awesome, well, maybe it was just me today, I was having a hard time understanding your posts. Welcome to the forum and good luck.
  14. I would like to point out that this is an Engineering Sample of the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor that is being used in KNs notebook in this review. This is NOT the same processor Intel released to the Channel, as can be told by the part # on top of the CPU from the THG review. ALL Retail and OEM Intel Core 2 Duo's must have a SL# on the CPU.

    For those of you who don’t know the difference between the two processors, the main difference is they (ES's) are not full production Processors and do not carry ANY type Intel Warranty. (Intel Retail Processors have 3 Year Warranty's)

    Intel released a consumer watch for these ES processors on the register. If anyone has received a Core 2 Duo before Intel released the CPU or ahead of most other sellers out there, go to and they can help identify what processor is in your system. Intel comments in this article that if any consumers have engineering samples, by mistake or by design, Intel will be very interested to hear from them.

  15. I don't get it...
    The linked article from The Register was published "Tuesday 21st March 2000".

    I did a search over at the intel site for consumer watch and came up with nothing either.

    Please post appropriate links before badmouthing your competition!
  16. You know, I am going to say this, right on this forum here to all the members, "I haven't posted on this forum for like a week now, and had no intention of ever posting again", I haven't posted because I am sick of the B.S. and when I say, "B.S." I mean, the posts for no other reason then to "get into it", the flames, the back and forth non-sense.

    I CAN'T answer people's questions on here without some snide comment, back-handed compliment or insinuation from the white-box wanna be fan-boys, and I am just tired of being baited.

    I actually called this guy up on the phone and said, "Hey, why don't we just bury the hatchet here, and each just run our own business without the jabs and comments." He agreed, but this guy... this XoticPC guy, he just can't do it. Not only can he not do it, but obviously his word means nothing.

    I came on this forum, to specifically reply to this comment.
    1. This machine was sent in to Tom's prior to the C2D even being released on August 31st. Intel supplies Engineering Sample CPU's to it's channel partners when you have the right connections and are a legitimate company. It's kind of amazing that a system builder wouldn't know that.

    Of course, I think to be classified a system builder, you would need to actually build your own systems and not have them whiteboxed from the distributor. I can see how it could be a confusing thing if you are an order taker not actually doing it.

    2. Engineering Sample CPU's are sent out BY Intel for various purposes, one of which is testing and hardware compatibility. Now, DO YOU THINK THAT INTEL IS GOING TO SEND OUT A SUBSTANDARD CPU FOR THOSE PURPOSES? These CPU's are NOT right off the assembly line which are one in a thousand tested. Before Intel sends one of these puppies out they make damn sure they kick ass. These things are more reliable then any retail CPU out there! I wish I had ALL ES CPUz, but they are HARD to come by.

    There are several differnt "grades" of CPU
    > Intel Retail CPU
    >Intel Mechanical Samples
    >Intel Engineering Samples
    >Intel Military Spec

    I have a T7600 CPU that I have overclocked to 3.0 GHz! That's over 30% boost, try getting that from a retail CPU, oh, that's right, a retail CPU is locked unless you pay extra for the "G" class chips.

    Modern Engineering Samples are worth good money on the overclockers forums as many people collect them. If anyone has an ES CPU that they don't want... let me know. I have customers that will pay for them because they want the option to overclock, and know they can't do it with mass-marketed junk! Anyone who is a real hard-core gamer wants these chips bad.

    Oh by the way, when you want cutting edge gaming performance you should probably go to where they have the latest information and experience building systems.:
    Intel recently released a consumer watch for these ES processors on the register...

    The "recent" release Xotic is referring to? Published Tuesday 21st March 2000 15:54 GMT... that's cutting edge man... that's almost bleeding edge. When you're information is 6 years old... you're beyond good... you're cracker-jack good.
  17. Hey Killer dont let the the little boys get you down you sell the best laptops on the market dont let them run you off because of there lack of knowlage, let them show it . Keep up the good work later
  18. This is my error, i provided the wrong link. I am only trying to post info about ES's.
  19. On top of T-ing everyone off, definately insult their intelligence with the "innocent victim" role.
    I am only trying to post info about ES's.
    You seriously did not just say that, did you?
    Because forum members and moderators are going to get the idea you think they're stupid.

    It's worn out.
    The carefully worded posts that just barely tip-toe around the 3 pages of forum rules to get in the little jabs.
    Some of my posts posts take me upwards of an hour to write, that's a lot of work when you commit to a topic and have to follow up on everyone's comments to it.
    I like helping people, and it was fun, but all the bad karma depleted the fun of it. I think I realized that when i was listening an MP3 of the WHO
    "Out here in the fields
    I fight for my meals
    I get my back into my living
    I don't need to fight
    To prove I'm right
    I don't need to be forgiven
  20. Killer, I would like to say, do not let individuals like the previous IDIOT and believe me when I say I am using mild language to describe him, put you off helping ppl.

    I have been following the threads that you have posted on for a number of months now. And the common denominator that comes through in all instances is that you simply helping others, out of your own basic decency.

    Trust me when I say, the genuine ppl on this forum know your worth. Those who decry you, let them go the way of the Dodo. As in becoming extinct.
  21. I also have been surfing these forums for a while and it seams killer lately is out of control. It is nice to know this info xotic has posted, i wasnt aware of these. thanks xotic , keep up the good work
  22. I think the problem the overall community has with the XoticPC guy is the "info" he supplies is superficial and uninformed at best, orchestrated to be antagonistic to other members.

    If he just wanted to inform on ES Samples, then why did he post it in this thread? Why not post in its own thread so people could find it? If he was going to point out a specific instance, why not say where these come from, what they are, what they are used for and both the positives and negatives of it. Seems to me it is because he did not know. Even his supporting links were not timely by any sense of the imagination.

    What did you learn from the 2 links, one that was 6 years old, the other that didn't go anywhere? They are now edited, but here is his "news flash" link on ES CPU's: 6 year old story

    I feel the "information" he provides falls short of the complete truth or contains many half-thruths. I for one did not know that XoticPC as well as most of these other guys don't build their own machines. Being outsourced to distributors, they never even see these machines, so what do they really know about them? I never considered something like that was happening in the industry.

    I could be wrong, since you have been surfing these forums for a while maybe you could put a couple quotes up with links to the threads of things Xotic has posted that you learned the most from so that I can give the guy a fair shake. I want to learn as much as the next guy, so that would really be helpful.
  23. It is funny how Killer is constantly trying to help others on these forums while certain “competitors” spend their time crapping all over that. I guess we should feel sorry for these “competitors” getting all puffed up when they are threatened. Poor competitors…look at all the effort spent on defamation, cheap jabs and vague information…must be tiring.

    I don’t know how Killer has been able to stand it this long. It is a shame that a helpful, tell you like it is person with a sense of humor gets run off while others remain. This will definitely put a damper on these forums for a lot of people.

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