Sound system upgrade, recomendations please

Hi all,

Looking at throwing a fair amount of money at upgrading the sound system on my PC. Current setup is:

MSI KT3V mobo with onboard AC'97 audio
Athlon XP2000+
512mb generic RAM (2 x 256)
Pair of cheap generic speakers
Radeon 9700 Pro
60Gb 7200 rpm HDD
CDR/W drive

I'm looking to buy a new sound card and speakers, plus a DVD (read only) drive. I want to use the system for games (mostly FPS) and to play DVD's to a TV - video card already has TV out.

I'd like a set of Klipsch Promedia GMX D-5.1, as they're currently offering the sub free. My real choice is between an Audigy 2 card (probably the eX) and a nForce2 deluxe mobo. It's a lot more work to install the new mobo, but I've read of various problems with the Audigy cards so am currently leaning more towards the nForce mobo. I want the best, so I think I need the deluxe version that uses mcp-t as I want the DD capabilities.

Does anyone have knowledge of compatibility issues with these components and any of my existing bits? I'm particularly concerned about the ATi vid card in a nVidia mobo - don't know of any probs but I'd appreciate any feedback.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. Quote:
    I'm particularly concerned about the ATi vid card in a nVidia mobo - don't know of any probs but I'd appreciate any feedback.

    This question is posted at least a couple of times a week in the graphics card forum. The short answer is <b>no</b> you should not have any special problems using an ATi card on a motherboard with an nVidia chipset (only the usual garden variety problems you would get with any other graphics card and mobo).

    As far as Klipsch GMX speakers go, I have read that GMX is Klipsch's "budget" line of speakers, and that the quality is comparable to other similarly priced systems. As opposed to the Promedia line (no "GMX") which are pricier but have a reputation as <i>very</i> high quality, best in class speakers.

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  2. Forget about nForce2. Its sound quality can't be compared to (unless you use digital output) even a normal OEM Audigy2 (and Audigy2 eX uses even more sophisticated DACs and ADCs). Your other choice at the price range of an Audigy2 eX is Terratec DMX-6Fire 24/96. Slightly better in sound quality, a bit slower in games. Terratec's breakout box is internal, eX's is external. eX also adds a remote control. Also, read this review of Audigy2 eX and a comparison with the Terratec DMX-6Fire:
  3. Thanks for the info both of you. Had another look at Klipsch's web page, looks like the 5.1 Digital Dream might be a better choice, with the Audigy 2. I've read the review you mentioned, preffered the external breakout box on the Audigy to the Fire cards internal one...

    Only problem is Klipsch haven't got the DD in stock at the moment! Grrrr..

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