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Hello. I'm thinking about getting a good notebook for work. I've been a Windows desktop PC user for around 10 years but lately I've been thinking about giving the Mac OS X Tiger a try. What attracted me to the new Macs is the option to dual booth OS X and Windows XP on the same platform thru a beta application called Boot Camp. I don't know if this is the right forum but... Anyway, the MacBook 2.0GHz notebook seem to be okay but lately I've been hearing complaints about their Intel-powered MacBooks - 1)Random shutdown 2)Logic Board glitches 3)Heatsink - the Macs ran so hot but not in a Paris Hilton sort of way, it's one laptop you can't put on your lap. And they say these problem ain't just common to early production Macs but to the recent ones as well.

Hope Apple has finally addressed the issue by coming up with newer revisions. What's your take on the matter?
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  1. Here's my take. I've also been cautious about purchasing a macbook, but god are they beautiful. From the sounds of things, many of these mentioned issues have already been addressed. I have seen many people discuss it at Notebookreview forums in the APPLE section. If you buy, i've seen people recommend you get a week 35 or later macbook. I don't know how you check, but atleast there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Personally, I would wait till rev.2 macbook in the early spring. But if you have to jump now.. I don't think you should fear all of the OLD issues, especially if you buy direct from mac.
  2. Is Apple using the Core 2 Duo yet?

    I know a guy who has a MacBook Pro, or whatever the Intel dual core variety is.
    He uses it for everything in his business, and he does Goldmine contact management and computerized selling), as well as a lot of video and photo editing for personal uses.

    He absolutely loves the thing for that.
    I do know a couple issues he has
    :arrow: Sometimes the networking issue gets touchy between Airport (wireless) and Wired and when running Windows within the Mac.
    :arrow: An annoying thing is that external drives need to be formatted in MACformat or whatever, so they can't interchange with Windows directly (like with USB 2.0), I believe he said you can access them through the network of course.
    :arrow: THen everyone else that tries to use it, doesn't know where anything is, or how to access it. I'm sure it is a simple thing to learn, just if you have a wife or g/f or kids or whatever and they are going to be using the thing too, and they are used to Windows, you might have to hear about it for a while.

    He also uses that BootCamp for everything at work (since his company is primarily Windows based) and always raves about how well it works, and that it is fast. I think he only has the Core Duo T2500 2.0 Ghz. They are semi-expensive machines though for what you get.

  3. all I am going to say is: "Do it."

    you will never look back.

    you can check out forums.macosxhints.com for Apple-centric chat.
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  5. It should be able to, and I have been trying to find time to actually get the OSX Maxxus cracked version up an running on it, but I haven't found that mysterious time yet.
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  7. I think then it would work on the Wakizachi, that is almost the identical setup as the MacBook pro.
  8. Thanks a lot for the advice. Yes, I've decided to get myself a Mac. I got a friend who works in NY and the Apple Store is just a couple of blocks down. I'm gonna ask her to go buy the MacBook for me. :D
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