Computer playing music while nothing is open

I think I have a virus, because my PC is playing music randomly out of nowhere. When it first happened I had Firefox open and I was on skype. I closed both of them and it continued playing.

Also my antivirus expired not too long ago, and my email got hacked too. It was sending spam with a file attached to all of my contacts.

Please help, this is my first post on tom's hardware and I have no clue what to do.
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  1. I think you should reconsider making pack up of your data, this means movies and family photos. And then reformat your computer. If you cant do that, then you could just first install some anti-virus software and malware detection softwares. Here is some:

    Those are good that I Know and find stuff, there is others too out there but I dont know them all.

    Also, be aware that there is sometimes software that makes website ads or pop up windows that say that you would have spyware or virus or something but that isnt always true, this happens when browsing the internet.

    Tomshardware isnt the best forums for anti virus knowledge, you might want to try google search like I just did with basic keywords "How to remove virus"
    and stuff like this popped out:
    + some youtube videos, I hope this gets you started
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