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Hey, I'm planning to go into university next year (yeah, engineering, but we won't need a powerful laptop until a lot later apparently) so I'm planning on getting a lightish laptop that can still process non-gaming applications really fast. So C2D and a gig of ram at least. I'd prefer to keep the price down to about 2000 canadian dollars, which would be 1760 USD. Preferably under 5 pounds (though a bit more wouldn't matter). And not from Dell or Alienware, whose customer service seem to have gone to hell.

Bonus: kudos to anyone who can find me one with a cool logo on the front...and cookies for those who can find a laptop that's not generic silver :lol:

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  1. Then I wouls suggest one from

    They are rezl power-houses. they start from $1700, super customer service and immidiate replys to emails.

    PM me if/after the order
  2. Sweet. But how much do the following cost?
    - Custom gaming skin
    - Brushed charcoal aluminum
    - Branding

    And does that apply to all of your notebooks, including Kodachi?
  3. I am also curious.
    If you buy the Executioner does the "executioner" branding that is seen on the bottom/back of the LCD screen in some of the pictures come with it, or is it additional?
    I don't see the price for branding listed in the customization options for the Executioner.
    Thanks. :)
  4. I have to answer these Q's by PM.
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