Why does OE 2010 sendextra files

Running Outlook Express as a part of MS Office 2010 over Windows 7 (32 bit), version 14.0.6112.5000 (32 bit)
Earlier it would indicate it was sending one extra mail anytime I send any number of mails. Now it sends two extra. Recently sent one mail, but system reporting sending 1 of 3.
Why does this happen? Should I be worried about trojans, spyware? I run Norton 360 fully updated.


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  1. You may have a corrupted or damaged *.dbx file. Here's what you should do. Search your computer for *.dbx files including hidden and system folders. On the Search Results, look for Sent Items.dbx, right click on that file and choose Open Containing Folder. Now create a back-up copy of that file on the same folder and rename it to something like Sent Items.old and delete the Sent Items.dbx. Once you run Outlook Express again, it will recreate the Sent Items.dbx file. Check if this solves your problem. If it doesn't, repeat the steps again but this time, do it on the Outbox.dbx.
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