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Memory is very confusing...

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July 24, 2003 8:59:51 PM

Hi i've recently upgraded my machine and it's current specs are:

A7N8X Deluxe
AMD 2600+
Geil 512 (total) Dual Channel DDR 3200
Gainward Geforce FX Ultra 5600/760 TV

Now as I understand it, you get better performance when your motherboard bus speed matches that of your memory bus speed. As you can see unless I overclock my machine, I am running 333 on my Mobo, and 400 on my memory, which is bad.

This can be remedied in two ways, namely I either overclock my motherboard (which I was gonna do anyway) to 400, or return my current memory for DDR 2700.

Obviously overclocking my motherboard and buying the DDR 3200 will give me better performance.

So my deciding factor is memory brand.

Essensially I can buy Geil DDR 3200 CL2 (290$) memory for the same price I can buy Corsair DDR 2700 CL2 (307$) memory.

Is Corsair that much of a better brand then Geil?

My last choice is instead of buying the above Dual Kits, instead purchase 2 identical Kingston 512 2700 DDR and accept the lower bus speed, but have 1 gig of RAM. Now to be honest, I don't think I need 1 gig of RAM at all, BUT it will only cost me an extra 100 $ over the above dual kits, for an extra 512 megs of ram...

So what option would you think is better for me? Note that all these prices are in New Zealand dollars, as I am a Canadian living in Kiwi country O_O.

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July 25, 2003 8:51:09 AM

you could buy PC3200 & run it at PC2700 speeds if you dont need every last fps...

buy 2x256mb modules of the same type, CL2 if poss (do ont get CL3 unles U on a v. tight budget), brand not so important , just as long it is a good brand... I would say corsair or ocz...

Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
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July 25, 2003 2:39:12 PM

I agree with marneus, better get some Pc3200 and 'underclock' it you get more flexibility if you upgrade to a 200mhz cpu...Also it gives you some room to try to overclock it. I have Geil golden Dragon CL2 im very pleased with it. Also dont buy dual kit if they are more expensive then 2 seperate sticks cuz its all the same...So if your budget is not so tight and you dont use any memory intensive programs I suggest going with 512 of DDR400. With the corsair you might get some better timmings but underclocked Geil will probably be able to run 2-2-2-5 since it runs fine at 400mhz with 2-3-3-6...