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I've noticed that the area in the start menu that displays the 10 most used programs, doesn't display an 64bit programs. Even though these are the ones I used most.

Can anyone confirm/deny this. And if it is true, is there any way to have it display 64bit programs?

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  1. You can force a program to show up in the start menu by navigating through the menu to find the program (Start -> All Programs -> Adobe -> Photoshop, for example), right-click on the program name and select "Pin to Start Menu".

    There's also a "Pin to Task Bar" option which will keep it on the task bar even if it's not running.
  2. Actually, that's the first thing I did.
    I was just wondering on a mechanical level how this works. Why doesn't Windows count the 64-bit programs in the frequently used statistics?

    My only theory is that is only counts .exe from the "Program Files x86" and not the the "Program Files".

    This is purely to satisfy my anal-retentive ways :)
  3. I have no idea how the recent programs works. I think that my 64-bit Photoshop showed up in there before I pinned it, but I can't say for certain. Whats particularly confusing for me is the order of items in the panel - they don't seem to have any rational order that I can figure out...
  4. Agreed.
    I too question the rational in some of the feature decisions in windows 7.
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