When i plug in secondary SSD, my primary isnt recognized


I just got new SSD to replace a secondary regular HD that died. When i plug in the 2 sata cables that the previous HD drive was using and boot up the computer, the new ssd hows up as the main drive and the primary one is not shown in the BIOS so i cant load windows.

When i unplug the cables the computer works as normal again.

The sata power connectors are all links together (i think its some kind of 4 head power connector, its a prebuilt) if that makes any difference.

Any help would be appreciated.
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    on most mb with sata on the older type the first hard drive that you want to boot from has to be on port 0. most sata scan from 0,1,2,3,4 then back to 0. on newer mb the bios will let you in the boot screen change what drive you want first. with the pre built system make sure both end of the sata data cable are not broken. sata data cables are small with a l shape alignment. the older ide drives have a 40 pin cable. if it an ide drive then there has to be a jumper for master/slave on some pre built they put the jumper on cable select. and where the drive is on the cable makes it master or slave. i would start by see if both drives show up in the bios if they do if your bios is new you should be able to set the older mec drive as first boot device.
  2. I will try looking into BIOS menu options, but when i checked the first time, only the new ssd was in the list of possible boot options (and the cd-drive)

    The mobo is asrock extreme4
    ssd primary is corsair 120gb GT series
    new secondary ssd is 240gb sandisk extreme
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