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A puzzler hmm? I received an update to windows 7 on my hp PC. One of the updates was for nvidia software, however I noticed that after this update that when watching video on full screen that the image was much brighter more contrasty and sharper, so I fouterd (fiddled)about with the various nvidia menus to no avail.

I eventually decided stuff this I’ll just do a system restore and that should sort it The only good bit was that my full screen mode was back to normal; but it the first thing that happened was that when I went to type my password I couldn’t type using the keyboard so I had to use the easy access on screen keyboard using my mouse.

Even with windows up and running the keyboard simply won’t function, in desperation I tried a couple more restore points and none them worked. I used the F8 KEY with keyboard to get into safe mode and this worked but as soon as the password is needed the keyboard is not here or even in safe mode it’s not there. But the keyboard obviously functions since I can use it F8 mode; now the latest thing is that any system restore points fail.

In F8 mode selection I notice that there is the option of Computer Repair but if I take this route does this mean that all my software will be removed?

To be honest I don’t care what the reason is or why this has happened I just accept that glitches can occur and all I really want to know is how to get out of this predicament.

So if you know please tell, thanks
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  1. Yip just tried it the move once more and it did what it did the first time; screen went blue and then it restarted a black screen appeared telling me about system couldn’t be found.

    So I switched it off and restarted the machine no harm done but the keyboard still doesn’t work.

    I thought I could update the drivers but I was told that the correct up-to-date drivers are installed.

    This is becoming annoying I have laptop but I about work on page maker for a magazine and I need the PC for images and its memory.
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