What DVD burner brands are best?

Just want to do a quick survey on the most used DVD burner brands out there. Any replies are appreciated.

Gary Hendricks
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  1. I'd like to know too. About ready to buy one but want QUALITY

  2. if you are looking at +/- R-RW drives, my friend and i both got sony dw-u12a drives about a month ago, and both of us have been pretty happy with them. haven made any coasters yet (knock on wood). using roxio easy cd/dvd creator 6 as burning software.

    if you look around, you can find the pioneer dvr-106 multiformat drives for less than the sonys now. would love to hear any experience anybody has with those.
  3. The word on the street is sony, though they do cost the most.

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  4. I like my LiteON (aka Sony) DVD burner. I haven't had a single coaster on it yet. It's definitely a quality drive.

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  5. I have an NEC 4x DVD+ burner and it's been great. No problems or complaints.

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  6. Go with Sony or Pioneer.
  7. I no longer recommend Sony :frown:
  8. I've used a LiteOn LBW-401S which comes bundled with Sonic MyDVD. I found that the sub program "Sonic DLA" was causing the system to automatically reboot itself when a DVD disc (a movie or a burnt one) was placed in the drive.

    The drive itself seems ok just the software. By uninstalling the DLA software everything is fine.

    So just have this in mind when considering a LiteOn or a Sony as they are just LiteOn's anyway however I don't know whether they come with the same bundle.

    I've also used a Pioneer DVR-106 and I think it's very good. I prefer it to the LiteOn. You just need to have Direct-X 9.0b installed to fix some playback issues with created DVD's.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Andee on 08/20/03 11:35 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  9. which sony did you have and what happened to make you change your mind?
  10. The Pioneer A06/106 and the Sony Dru are the two best dvd burners out there. I personally like the Pioneer better because it is less picky with media and it costs about $50 less than the Sony. The NEC dual format burner is EXTREMELY picky with media and it won't even burn the "less expensive" ones.
  11. Just got the TDK DVW+A040212N 4xspeed Dual Format, Seems ok so far...

    Is it just me or is burning anything to DVD not as straight forward as CD...Just seems a bit messy to me.

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  12. It depends on what you want to burn. It takes a lot more work when burning DVD video or *cough* backing up movies that you rented from blockbusters *cough*. Burning regular files is the same thing as burning cds. Just drag and drop,
  13. Must be my drive or something cos keeps eroring with loads of burning software, Nero, Pinnacle, cough DVDxCopy. Mainly bought it to back up stuff from my HDD. It may get damagaged accidentaly on purpose and returned for a refund (hope it works) and get a huge HDD instead.

    So based on my experience...dont touch the TDK Multiformat burner.

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  14. Quote:

    which sony did you have and what happened to make you change your mind?

    DRU-510A. It broke and other are having the same problem. Sony is aware of the problem and is fixing them as they break. I have a post on this board about it.
  15. What brand of DVD media are you using? Sometimes cheap media is the cause of problems.
  16. maximum pc did a head to head review of the sony dru-510a vs the pioneer dvr-a06(pages 18 & 19 (september issue)). the pioneer ended up winning 9 vs 8 but the pioneer had slow cd burn times but great dvd burn times.
  17. Could be ... bought a spindle of "BulkPaq" DVD-R, they are rated at 4 speed and are "enhanced for Video and console backup" but drive is having non of it. Grrrr! TDK's own DVD+R works fine but I resent paying £5 per disc. Is there anyway to find out what media works with the drive without buyng loads of different stuff?

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  18. I think thats your problem right there. BulkPaq media is made by a company called PRINCO. If you run a program called DVDinfo, it can tell you who made your media. Anyway, Princo is probably the worst dvd media manufacturing company out there. Go out and spend some money to buy some good brand media like TDK or Maxell. Do not buy verbatim, memorex or khypermedia. Your troubles should disappear. If you insist on trying out dvd media, give Lead Data, Optodisk, or BeAll a try. These all work better than princo and they cost just slightly more.
  19. Thanks once again Evo7...

    ps: Do you actually own an Evo or just like them?

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  20. I will be owning one in the future...
  21. Good Man, I myself will be hopefully be driving a 250+Bhp Nissan 200SX in the not too distant future. Jap sports cars are easilt the Best!

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