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Hey all, I have a Cyberpower Gaming Ultra 17". I had to send it in because of cooling issues (the fans died). It has a huge problem over heating, I was curious as to what sort of external cooling solutions you guys would recommend.

The cooler master looks good but I am not sure, please help!
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  1. I can't find that model on their site, can you give me the specs on it?

    I think if you are having a lot of cooling issues we should start with what you can do internally to the system to bring the temps down.

    For a notebook cooler for a rig that big i would recommend the CoolerMaster Notepal W1

    Zip Zoom Fly Link
    You specifically want the W1 model, the other one is way too small.
    It isn't the perfect solution, but they don't make a lot of coolers that are big enough for the 17" notebooks, which doesn't make a lot of sense since they are usually the ones with the hottest video cards.

    Thats my system.

    I was looking at the cooler master one, but I was wonderin if there were any that had fans in the front, beccause thats were most of the heat is generated.
  3. Ouch! That's a desktop chip system, which is going to run hot, but I do think you can upgrade that video card.

    I think you are going to have to do some internal mods to the heatpipes, maybe some fluting to get it to shed the heat faster. Definately lap and polish the heatsink and use AS5 on it.

    What does Cyberpower say about it.
  4. Dunno, they haven't looked at it yet.

    It them 3 months to be able to let me send in the laptop, their customer service is worthless, hopefully they just send me a brand new one, which I doubt.

    I just continually harass them until I get what I want, thats how you kind of have to be with those kind of people.
  5. Yea, I try to tell people the differences with the support and warrranty.
    Not a lot of people want to think about it before the fact, during purchase.
    They get suckered with cheap upfront prices that quickly disappear once you start to upgrade the systems, and it's really unfortunate. I'm guessing by the system you are talking about, when you bought it, it was not by any means cheap.

    Almost NONE of these other companies build their systems, they are distributors, the systems are SOLD by them, but then built offsite, shipped offsite, they might do some minimal warranty and tech-support, but essentially everything is outsourced. The really messed up part is that they come across like they do in fact build their systems, and they are large entities, much safer to go through... and it's just smoke and mirrors. When you learn the Prestige of it, it isn't very glamorous at all, in fact... it kind of sucks they do that.

    Luckily customers are starting to be eduated to the differences, and me included. I am like a lot of people out there, I thought that you go to these websites, buy a computer and they were the ones building it. I actually thought I had a ton of competition out there, but I don't. That's the fact, and it's a bad situation. In most cases you're really dealing with someone who can take an order from a variety of check boxes off a website and relay it to corporate... When there's a problem they don't have your back... and that aint gangstah.

    The gamers, the power users, the CAD/CAM rendering guys, they don't want that. They want the best system they can get... heck, everyone wants a system that works, that the company they bought it from stands behind. I am sorry that wasn't the case with the company you purchased from.

    What I can do is look at the chipset and spec's of that system. If you can send me some hi-res pictures of the inside of the case (when you get it back) and I will see what you could do as far as mods that will bring the temps down (I have a few tricks up my sleeve), and also if you can upgrade that video card or whatever. What is your level of skill in this area/how comfortable would you feel doing something like that?

    I have a little horror story I want to impart here.
    I have a notebook up for review the second week of November at TechWareLabs, I was talking to their owner and I mentioned one particular vendor and he said, "Company "X"? Please, we have one here right now for review and we can't even get the thing to work! They are NOT your competition man. Once you buy one of those systems, you own it... they don't want anything to do with it after that."

    There is only ONE NO B.S. warranty in the industry, and there's a reason for that.
    The only other company that I respect highly in this regards is WidowPC, they completely stand behind their product.
  6. Geez, I wish that I had known this before I purchased the system. I kinda figured it out when I had to goto the "Clevo" website.

    I spent a crap load of money almost 3000$, now I just spent around 800$ to upgrade my desktop. I think I'll just put the laptop away or something because its total bullshit that I pay that much and have such shitty customer service.

    I bought from cyberpower because I got 2 desktops from them without a problem before. Now I spent some serious cash to just get screwed.

    Ah well, what am I gonna do?
  7. Well, they have the system now right? Maybe they will surprise you, who knows. If you want to try to do some mods if that doesn't work, like i said, i would be happy to help you.
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