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First, some background. I have an aging (2.5 yrs) 45Gb x 2 RAID 0 setup in my 1Ghz Thunderbird box. The drives are IBM, 3yr warranty. I originally bought a 120Gb drive (Maxtor 8Mb cache, LDB, 3yr warranty) for my rapidly expanding Divx collection. I had planned on buying a kit to convert it to an external drive (USB 2.0) for ease of portability/sharing.

1) With an aging box, do you all think it's time to just replace the drives? Meaning, is it possible to just copy the existing file structure to the new drive, then uninstall the RAID setup and point the bios to the new drive? Will this work?

2) Or should I scrap the external plans, just add a supplemental drive because the transfer rates are that much better?

3) Aren't Firewire and USB 2.0 similar? With USB I wouldn't need to install drivers would I?
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  1. As far as moving the information from one drive to another... You just need Norton Ghost. Put the new drive in. Have ghost copy everything from the old drive to the new drive. Remove the old drive. Everything will work like before, OS and all. The only thing that could be an issue is if you are using XP. If you install XP with 2 or more hard drives and you remove 1. XP will give a boot error when booting. Even if the second HD was just for extra space and didn't contain anything important. If you are removing say drives C and D. And putting in a new large C only. You will probobly have to reinstall windows and copy any important info. But make sure to install windows with only one hard drive. Then add the other after install is complete.
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