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I'm trying to restore the netbook to working condition. It has windows 7 start up and won't book up. It asks for the start up disk. There is no optical drive so this is not an option. I've tried restoring the netbook to factory settings and this appears to work until it tries to restart. We are back at the beginning of the loop with the start up disk request.
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  1. Did you try safe mode? Do you have a USB DVD drive (or can you borrow one)?
  2. How do you try safe mode if it won't boot? All I can do is use the keyboard F2 to enter the BIOS, F10 and Alt F12
  3. Nothing I've done so far has restored the computer; IHave the restore disks and they seem to work and on completion I was optimistce that the computer would again be working but alas I get an "install disk."

    Is there a solution to this problem?
  4. Hmm, maybe the HDD is dead..
  5. I'm nearing the same conclusion
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