How to show all part of the game??

I've just bought a 10in. netbook (toshiba nb 205) with windows 7.. However, a problem appears when I play a game.. The display doesn't show all part of the picture.. So, it is hard to see the hidden part (especially when the hidden part is important!).. How can I change this setting? Because of this problem I can't play the games :cry:..
help me please..
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  1. Your netbook's screen resolution is likely limited to something like 1024x600 and the game you're playing probably requires 1024 X 768. Tough break. If the top/bottom portions of the game screen aren't visible... well, that's your problem. Btw, you should have at least bought a laptop if you wanted to do light gaming. Netbooks are pretty much toys.
  2. see if you can play the game in windowed mode, that may help
  3. what game ?
  4. Anonymous said:
    what game ?

    just a mini game.. a hidden object game..
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