Windows 7 Hangs on "Starting Windows" after finished expanding windows

Hey everyone
I just bought myself some new parts for a new computer I built. After buying the parts and assembling it I tried to install windows 7, keeping in mind that this computer has no previous os installed in it, completely blank. I somehow managed to get to safe mode and install till the part where it says expanding windows files completing that step fully and rebooting to continue the installation, I have no idea why but after when it restarts, it freezes at the "starting windows" screen with the four orb animation. It should just go to the next screen with the blue wallpaper asking me for the language I would like and what not. But it just gets stuck there and doesn't move on, I tried

removing as much devices I had plugged into the motherboard
removing everything but the mouse and key board
removing the graphics card
removing one of the two sticks of ram
Replacing the hard drive change USB ports for mouse and keyboard
Trying to switch to ahci mode and idk mode
Using another installation cd
Triple checking chords and plugs
Disableing legacy USB in bios settings
Letting the install run for 30 min plus

All of the follow I have tried and it has not fixed the problem

Biostar TZ77XE4

Graphics card
Radeon hd 7870 2 gb factory over clocked edition

Intel core i5-2500k

Hard disk
Seagate barracuda 1 terabyte

Power supply
Thermal Take 600w atx 12v 2.3

Disk drive
Lightsctibe ( not too sure which one sorry)
But I'm sure it works because it can read the install disk

I have tried everything I know of and I don't think I need to update my bios because no one else has encountered this problem. Swell I am not very good with computers I am very new to this so...

I also heard about updating drivers , but don't u need to actually be able to login to your computer to download and install them? I can't even log in, I wait for the windows logo to pass but it never does please help Tom Hardware community.

If you know how I can fix this, can you make it so a person who doesnt understand computers very well be able to know what to do?
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  1. if your i5 chip has video gpu built in..pull the video card at this time to rule it out as a hang issue. on page 13 of the mb guild check that you have your hard drive and dvd drive and ssd drives plugged into the intel sata ports and not the other chipset port. make sure your bios is not set for raid. set the ASM1061 SATA Mode to dont need that sata chipset running.
    also under bios setting in the book check page 33-34 that your ram spd info is read right. that the ram is 1.5v and at lest 10666 speed. if it faster then 1600 you may have to switch from spd mode to man mode and set your ram timming up.
  2. Ok thanks Smorizio I'll try those and but how do I change my ram speed exactly cause like I said I'm not very good with computers
  3. bump
  4. look at the mb cd on it wil be a bios guild..your looking for dram timing. (it may say spd/xmp) also see if the ram you have is on the mb tested list.
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