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hey im getting a cell phone in the next week and was wondering if anyone has any experience with either/both the nokia 8260 or the 6160. i like the 8260 cause it can do email, has internal vibrate alert, and is about half the weight but cant decide if its worth almost twice the cash. right now im leaning towards the 8260, but maybe someone has some experience worth sharing, thanks

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  1. Did you already purchase? I've owned both.
    6160 - longer battery life but larger and heavier.
    8260 - smaller but much less battery life, also the buttons take some getting used to as they are just a touch closer together.

    If buying right now I'd probably go with the 8260 again as my wife can dump it in her purse and it fits into your pocket w/o taking up a ton of space. It also looks cool. :smile:

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