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There's a long story behind this, but for brevity's sake, stay away from this house of idiots. I ordered a computer from last August and already I've had to have the Western Digital hard drive replaced 4 times and the modem twice. This isn't a WD problem- there is something else the matter here. The last time I had a problem, I sent it to them and they said that it would be about a week to repair. I didn't get my computer back for another month, and as soon as I put it together and tried to go online, the modem failed to work. I call and as soon as I say hello, the techs start sniggering at me and then they tell me that my problem isn't their problem because I probably screwed it up at home so they shouldn't have to deal with it. Last time I talked to them, they kept telling me that my name is "Rachel" (wtf my name isn't Rachel). They treat me like I don't know anything about computers because I'm a girl. Like it takes an f'n genius from Ohio to build a computer. I have built 2 great computers for myself and 2 for my friends without a single problem. The only reason why a computer was ordered from these jerks was I was out of the country for a year and my parents needed something and was recommended to me. They have no idea how to fix anything (they had the bloody computer for a whole month and couldn't fix it!!!) and their tech help is the absolute pits. If you want a working computer, stay the hell away from However, if you want an ugly paper weight, I suggest ordering a comp from this place and then throwing it through their window.
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  1. Be sure to have this on Reseller Ratings as well :)

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  2. Important Discriminating Company Information: This is based in Ireland - Please note we have nothing to do with in America and are not affiliated or associated in any way with them. Because of the same domain name - micropro - it links us with this very offensive and damaging review. Can you please remove this from your website as it is damaging our business.

    We are in business for over 21 years and have a European ISO 9001 & 14001 certification.

    Paul Maher,
    Managing Director.
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