1400$ range

I'm looking for a laptop 40gb hd dvd/cdrw drive and preferably dedicated graphics
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  1. or the Sony VAIO PCG-GRX670 if you can find one on clearance somewhere. I just bought an NVR23 Sony Vaio (dedicated 32 G4 420 Go vid card, XP1800, 30 GB, dvd/burner, 15" 1024x768 max, 3 USB firewire, floppy subwoofer bay.) I love it and got for equal of 1150 US.

    The 610 was my next pick, you may want to check this guy out on ebay, he buys bulk they are brand new and you can buy the GRZ610 from him for $1150-1200 buy now to end auction, they are in box, all you would do is register with Sony online once you recieve it and you have a 1 yr warranty. He is in San Fran I will see if I can find his number as I have spoke to him personally, I will post his link as he has these 610 notebooks up regularly He has excellent customer feedback and has been selling since 99.

    Cisco KId

    NVR23 Laptop and a Killa desktop too much too list
  2. Thanks for the input guys klau I actually looked at that one. It seems you guys like sony notebooks. CiscoKID this ebay guy sounds interesting maybe you can get in touch with me msn gobble2002@hotmail.com ICQ 103191239 or email rcalaway@cox-internet.com I'd like to talk toy you about that computer you bought and if you get that guys #.
  3. I will be in touch will check now to see if I can find him or if he has one up. I added you to msn, the 610 is quite a bit slimmer than my NVR23, I have emailed the guy about nthe 610 on ebay, I am pretty sure it is him nothing for auction right now, I did a search by his name 'notebooksrus" from what I remember hopefully it is correct will pass on any response asap to you. Any questions fire away. Yeah I really like my Sony only becuase I could not get the same features for the price from anywhere else including dell.

    Cisco KId

    Cisco KId

    NVR23 Laptop and a Killa desktop too much too list<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by CiscoKId on 04/04/03 03:12 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  4. I have had an nvr23 since december, does anyone know how to fix a bug, in which it only allows the vaio-nvidia drivers to be installed. I tried 43.45, 41.09 and they dont work, i install them, but at start up it shows that i have the microsoft display drivers, tried several times, uninstalling the drivers before trying new ones, nothing works! any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated
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