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When I first bought the router it was because our cable company only offered 3 ip's and if I needed more then I had to pay more. So I got the router to take care of the problem. I have got 2 hubs and a router in the house. One Hub is in my room where I have 3 computers on it and one hub is up stairs with 3 computers on it also. The two hubs are to minimize the amount of wire running around on the walls. (college house)
Now that we got switched over to the campus network we have an unlimited amount of ip's to use so I want everyone to have their own instead of having the internal network. So I put a hub on the cable connection and put the other hub up stairs. Everything is fine there. Speed is good. But for my room I just decided to move the router in there and make it act as a hub by pluging the incoming line into the uplink port and then pluging my computers in spots 2, 3, 4. This works kinda... the internet is slow as sh** but if I plug the line directly into one of the three computers its fast. Can the router act as a switch without performing the router functions or am I stuck with a piece of equipment that is more than I need. Is there a way to make it work without creating my own subnet in my room?

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  1. You can't use the Router as a regular switch. All the PCs connected to the router are behind a firewall sharing a single IP address. Only one DMZ is supported so you're stuck behind the firewall. My suggestion is to forget using multiple ips and use the router for all the PCs! The router isn't just for sharing a single IP, it provides a simple firewall preventing people from snooping into your network. Connect 3 PCs to the router and use the uplink port of the router to connect it to your other switch/hub.

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