Is the US government araid of the American people?

Your thoughts and ideas please.
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  1. Neither.

    The government does what it wants without fear of its public because the U.S. people are lazy.
  2. Bill Maher mad a comment before:

    "I think a lot of Americans are stupid, just plain stupid. Reason, none."

    Conservatives got after him, but think about it, a lot of us are S-T-U-P-I-D.
  3. "Not yet."

    Sadly, BluntObjection is mostly correct; most of us are too lazy or too unplugged to take responsibility for what goes on around us. There are actually quite a few people who think it is the job of Government to take care of any problem they may face (e.g. the feral colonies living in New Orleans). This is a consequence of the Welfare State, and is only the beginning.

    The ignorant masses have discovered they can vote themselves "bread and circuses" at the forced expense of others, and it is doing to the U.S. what it did to the Roman Empire.
  4. I think calling us stupid is a bit harsh. Certianly we don't account among the most of the learned countries in the world, but I believe we've gained a certian amount of "street smart" from attempts of screwing our fellow U.S. citizens over.

    I mean to say, we know how to get want we want for ourselves, but not much can be said about knowing how to get what our country needs.
  5. "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."
  6. ^ AKA Revolution.
  7. Nah. V is for Vendetta style. ;)
  8. ^ I'll get the Guy Fawkes Masks ready...
  9. Janet Napolitano certainly seems to be afraid of some of us, particularly military or former miltitary personnel of conservative political leanings:

    It was a weasel-worded apology that if delivered to me personally, I would not have accepted.
  10. TBH, the whole TSA thing needs to go. We need FBI behavioral teams overt at our airport. The human body NEVER lies...even to the best of spies.
  11. ^ I already get nervous in big crowds such as in airports. Last thing I need is to politely hold in a sneeze in while going through the metal detector with above mentioned FBI teams lurking around.

    "He's gotta bomb!"

    I sneeze in the face of the first agent

    "He's using biological weaponry!"

    I get taken down.
  12. I think your country is doing a lot better than you think.

    You could impose high import tariffs for cars and selected manufacturing made overseas to reinvogorate your local fab / man base.

    Currently it is dead and you buy everything from the Chinese.

    All your money is going to China and your workers are starving.

    That is one thing I would do straight away.
  13. ^ that is a Major topic here in the States, and the debt as well.

    Did you know we owe Aussies money?
  14. ^ copy cats.
  15. Without a decent manufacturing base your days as a superpower are over ...
  16. ^ EXACTLY! Thank You. Here that Yanks, an Aussie knows more than YOU guys! Ha!
  17. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    The idea that we don't make anything anymore is just a bunch of bunk. Have we lost a lot of manufacturing in the US? Of course. But look it up. The US currently beats China total goods produced, sold domestically or exported. That is changing rapidly in China right now with the growth of their middle and upper classes. They are starting to be able to afford their own goods, and people are getting a taste of prosperity and guess what, they are loving it.

    Imagine that.

    And how are they doing this? By emulating us.

    Oldmangamer_73 said:
    ^^ Didn't I say that? It was subtle.

    Just to sum it up...
  18. I said it succinctly gamer ... you dribbled around the edges and got the ball in by rebound.

    The crowd probably loved your effort more than my modest pop through the hoop.

    This basketball analogy brought to you by Acme Ballz ... Acme ... dealing with the feral coyote problem on a daily basis ... and profiting from it.
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