Native screen resolution 1440*900 not showing up in windows 7

I have a hp w19 moniter and its native resolution is 1440*900
it worked fine on windows xp and vista on my old rig but in windows 7 the nearest resolution which i got was 1600*1200 which was too big for my moniter to display.

Now my question is that i am building a new rig with intel i7 860 4 gb corsiar ram and a ati radeon hd 5850 i will be plugging my video card into my moniter via a vga cable so will this problem be commin and i will also use th 64 bit version of win 7 and earlier i was using the 32 bit

thank you
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  1. -but maybe the problem is in the video card driver.... what is your video card?
    -and for your new build; it would not be a problem if your monitor really support that resolution (1440*900), and if it support 1080i, you will get that res with the ati radeon hd 5850
  2. Download the latest catylist drivers for your card and the resolutions will appear.
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