My Windows 7 Laptop won't run properly, Startup Repair wont fix the problem auto

Ok, let me start from the beginning. I downloaded Spec Ops The Line (Video Game) on my Dell Laptop w/ Windows 7. After that I got a quick black screen while trying to save a picture of coupons from ActivateRewards. My laptop completely froze and I had to manually shut it down, after I turned it back on an odd screen showed up saying Startup Repair. It said it would take several minutes so I left and came back only to see that it "Could not repair automatically." I then tried to see if I had any backups, like a fool I didn't back anything up. I can't start up Windows normally, or in safe mode due to it being routed straight to Startup Repair, and I can't use Startup Repair because it doesn't fix anything. I tried clicking "Dell Local Safe Data Restore" (Something like that) and it 'loads' something but doesn't work. I tried using the command prompt using this video.

Not sure if I can post links, so sorry if it's against the rules. As I was watching the video I realized it said 7 files copied, whereas mine said "Could not copy all files, Copied 5" . I tried using Startup Repair once more and now it loaded up Dell Datasafe Local Backup, it's currently loading very slowly. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Specs from memory are

Dell XPS L502X
750 GB (More like 680GB)
Intel Graphics Family

:( Sorry if I'm not being very helpful, I'm not very good with computers and know this website is beyond informative but can't find anything that works. I have no problem restoring the laptop to Factory Settings. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, it means a lot.
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  1. My first thought is to run a repair from a windows installation disk or re-install windows if that doesn't work.
  2. I'll try that and will edit this post with the results.
  3. I tried running with the disc and now I get a screen saying "Change to software or hardware caused this error" It's like an error disk screen. I'm taking it in to a computer repair shop and see if they can do anything about it. Now it can't even run Startup Repair.
  4. I have a sony vaio model SVE111M1EM and for some time the screen appears but there is no lighting, if someone has already had that problem and has already solved or if someone can help me ,the repair by sending a diagram of raparation
  5. There are so many answers. simply repair your computer
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