hey... im looking at laptops, any suggestions for at most a 1500 dollar limit
less than that is obviously acceptable
first low end core 2 vs high end turion x2
ati x1600 vs go 7600
and is the difference between a 7600 and an x1800 worth say 300 bucks?
purely for gaming small is better but if i have to go big i want BIG
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  1. Get a HP dv9000 with a Core 2 duo and the Nvidia Mobility Geforce. I'm currently testing it for review purposes and its running rings around a 940D desktop system that I'm testing it against. So far it even plays Oblivion.
  2. You might as well build a gaming desktop and buy an used laptop dedicated to working on the go...

    If you insist on getting a gaming laptop, be prepared to pay a lot more than $1500.
  3. well i actually work for hp, and i had the 9000t but it was over 1700 with a core 2 and a 7600 including my 20% discount
    im looking for a little less expensive but relatively close performace
    and yes the 9000t was an amazing laptop and im now looking at the 9000z with the turion x2 and a 7600 but im a little unsure of the turions performance
    alienware has a decent laptop, core 2 and a x1800 for about 1600 berfore tax and shipping and if i do splurge itll be for that
    and for a desktop i have a core 2 system with 2gb ram and 2 7900gtx's but i still want a little power on the road, no im not looking for that much power but id still like to play oblivion, or atleast madden 2007 and doom 3
  4. The Turion is an inferior chip to the Core 2. Thats funny.. I got my dv9000t for under 1700. :?
  5. well they have gone down since i bought one yes, but after tax its still over 1600 with a core 2 5500 a gig of ram any upgrade in battery or hard drive a lightscribe drive with the ultra bright screen and a 7600
  6. The way I look at it, leave the true brite display, leave out the lightsrcibe since its practically useless, and you might just start pushing under $1600. Have you looked at any Asus or Toshiba laptops?
  7. welli have looked at probably 25 or more makers and im looking for the best deals, i know what hp sells, but id like to learn more about the differences mainly between turion and core 2, i have looked at asus and toshiba, and i would like a few setups, their prices, or some info on the pieces of hardware ive listed
    i really like the asus with the 7700 and the 7200 core 2 and im really impressed but its a little too expensive
    and toshiba has a laptop for 1999 with a 7900gtx but thats the only toshiba i found that i tought was a truly good buy
  8. Thats the thing. If you want a good gaming laptop, the Core 2 makes a better processor. I have a dv9000 with a Turion X2 that I'm also testing the 9000t against, and in every test that I've done so far, the Core 2 is superior to the Turion X2.
    The X2 though is usually cheaper than the Core 2. Here we have a dilemma
  9. ok whoever put other, what would you get?
    and i would like to know the diff between the geforce 7700 7600 and 7400
    i know about the 7600 but the other 2 i am drawing a blank
  10. I got a custom build from for $1,100 with the following specs:

    ASUS Laptop Barebone
    Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T5600 (Merom) 1.83ghz, 667mhz FSB, 2mb Cache
    1gb DDR2 667mhz Memory
    120gb SATA 5400rpm, 8mb Cache Hard Drive
    ATI Mobility X1600 256mb Vid Card

    I game on it when I leave school to go home and it runs everything great and gets a 2000 on 3Dmark06 on just stock CCC settings! My friend has a dell with a 7600 in it and a 2.0ghz Core Duo proc and 1gb of DDR2 667mhz ram and he scores an 1800 on 06 and his games dont run quite as well, but they are very very close so either is a good choice!

    Also, I voted Core 2 / X1600, and I also ordered the laptop without an OS, because I have XP Pro that I put on it and there was a 5% discount, which I think is always in affect you just have to enter a code for it. I have recently added another 512mb stick of ram so I have 1.50gb of ram running in Dual Channel..I bought it originally with one stick so I could do that! The machine is running great!


  11. The x1800 is worth the upgrade cost vs. nVidia 7600 if you do a lot of gaming or graphic intensive things IMHO. The nVidia 7600 is a pretty poor performing GPU. I would start at the GPU instead of the CPU and also opt for the 7,200 rpm hard drive if you can, it makes a big difference.

    Take a look at my now somewhat dated GPU Comparison page chart once to see what I mean:
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