Install Win8 on flash drive - possible?

I have a USB3 32GB USB flash drive, and I'm thinking of installing Windows 8 on it until my SSD arrives (2 - 4 weeks), since I don't want to format my main hard drive.

Is there an easy way to install Win 8 on a flash drive, and if so, how do I go about doing it?

Note: I want to install the OS TO the flash drive, not FROM the flash drive (in case anyone misreads)
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  1. believe with windows 8 enterprise you can do it

    called windows to go

    dont think its supported in lower versions of windows 8
  2. Bummer. Any easy way to do this with Linux then?
  3. Very easy with Linux. Just download an ISO of your preferred distro and use Universal USB Installer to install it to your flash drive. Set a persistent file size for storing changes between re-boots.

    Here is a guide on how to do so with Ubuntu -

    I have one of these running xubuntu which I carry around all the time. It's uses are endless.
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