Acer Travelmate 291LMi booting problems

Hi guys,
Two months ago, my laptop was dead, due to the fact that it didn't boot. In fact, when I pressed the power button, the power on led was lighting and the fan was working for 2seconds and then was stoping. Even the dvdDrive didn't open. The last time the laptop was turned off, it was working normally.
A few days before, when I disassembled the laptop in order to buy new motherbord (i thought it was motherboard problem), I reassembled it and noticed that it worked normally!. Yesterday, I tried to format the disk and reinstall windows using acer recovery disks, it stoped working a few seconds after starting to copy files from recovery disk. I tried to dissasemble various parts and reassemble those, and sometimes the laptop worked normally. In some cases, booting screen was hardly viewed and in next boot the screen was totaly black.
I tried working with/without battery but it didn't matter.
Any idea what may be wrong?
I think it may be the bios battery (the laptop's age is 2.5 years) but I'm not sure. Furthermore, it is stucked on the motherboard and can't be extracted so easy as in desktops.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Do you have any USB devices attached to the system? If so remove them.
    Could be the Windows power drain bug.

    Take the battery out as it could be bad and that will mess up the system. Most notebooks won't boot if the battery is completely dead. Rip that puppy out once and try it.
  2. Well, it is not battery problem, nor windows. I tried to start it up without battery, hd, dvd, ram, wifi, modem, etc. but nothing changed. First time it started up, was the first time I reassemblet it, and hadn't yet connect the hd, when a bios menu appeared and asked for boot device.
    In my opinion, it is the battery of motherboard which needs to be changed. I culdn't take it out, due to the fact that it is stucked on the motherboard.
  3. That battery shouldn't do anything but save date and time settings really.

    I would say the motherboard got fried out. Whas there an electrical storm prior to this happening?
  4. I din't noticed any storm but the laptop had such problems during various days. For example, I thing that if I dissasemble that and then reassemble, it is possible for the laptop to work. It was working for hours both in suse and xp, and when I made a reboot in order to format the disk and reinstall windows, it stopped working after a few seconds from the begining of copying setup files. No one time did the laptop stopped suddently to work when it was on xp or linux. In contrast, when it was in bios mode or in recovery procedure mode, it was always stopped ubnormally. Furthermore, it sounds to me strange the fact that once it was hardly viewed the setup screen, the next time it was not viewed at all.
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