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im looking for a laptop with a decent video card. and my range is $800-900 us... is there any suggestiion on what brand or sites i can check out thanks
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  1. It may be difficult for you to find one with a good graphics card (unless integrated graphics can be considered good) in that price range. Most lower end laptops cannot even be upgraded to have a separate GPU. I would suggest you at least double your budget if you want a decent (gaming?) laptop. What exactly are you planning on using it for?
  2. Yea, he's right, the best you are probably going to do is DELL with the 20% off $999 coupon. At least then you can get something with a modular video card you can upgrade in the future.
  3. i plan on doing sum gaming maybe bf2 or cs:s or warcraft frozenthron, game like that. but mostly multimedia stuff, its just that i dont want any of the intergrated gpu sutff. thanks
  4. I'm not sure how well those games will play in your budget, but I concur that Dell is most likely your only real route. Check out the E1505. You can also look at Dells outlet center Dell Outlet, and other refurbished models like this Gateway at
    No choice here will be an easy one, so good luck in your search
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  5. The big IF you can come up with anoher $500. You can get a better laptop with a better vid card. Not much out there for your price range.
  6. i might be able to, and if i can what laptop r u suggesting?
  7. Can't really help you out, but I did like my Asus notebook and they've got some bargins...

    Also ran across a great link comparing the various laptop gpu's so you have an idea of speed. It's the BF2 that's going to be your pig, so also don't forget to upgrade your ram to 2gigs.
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