Best buy:333 or 400?

I'm gonna build a new system in the not too distant future and I think I've decided on most parts. I'm thinking of using a AMD 2.5Ghz barton with my computer. I just can't decide on the memory. In fact I don't think I understand the difference of DDR333 or DDR400 well enough. Also, what is this Dual thing? FSB800 and FSB400, what's the difference?

I've read several tests on THG and it seems like DDR333 is faster than DDR400 in most tests. Is there any point in buying DDR400 and a DDR400 compatible motherboard at the moment? If the mother board says dual-ddr, does that mean I have to buy two equally sized RAM modules (i.e. 2x256 MB) or can I do with only one (i.e. 1x512MB)?

An explanation will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
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  1. amd never made and will never make a 2.5ghz barton...2500+ is a performance rating the processor only runs at 1833mhz...

    Next amd processors use 200/266/333/400 mhz fsbs...
    while intel uses 400/533/800mhz fsbs...

    the diffrence is that intel runs a quad data rate bus and amd runs a dual data rate will not find a 800mhz fsb amd board or cpu for a long time!

    And this dual "thing" dual channel effectivly doubles the bandwith of 2 or more sticks of memory by using 2 memory is good for a 5-10percent performance increase on amd boards (more for intel)

    moving on...ddr 333 is best for cpus that run a 333mhz fsb...just as ddr400 is best for cpus running a 400mhz will notice that the best memory speeds (for amd cpus not intels) come with the memory synchronous to the FSB...i would only recomend going for ddr 400 for that setup if you are overclocking....

    If the motherboard has dual channel support then you can run it however you can use 1 memory module and dual channel will be automatically can run the board with 2 same brand/size modules and take advantage of dual channel...or you can run 3 modules in single or dual channel mode...your choice i would recomend dual channel as it does help on most boards...

    I personally would buy an Nforce2 chipset motherboard that has ddr400 support...that way you can upgrade to a 400mhz fsb cpu...
    boards i would recomend
    asus a7n8x deluxe feature rich very pricy but it is from the industry leader in mobos
    epox 8rda+ a great cheep board...opposite of the asus board above has everything you need nothing you don't and is an excellent overclocker
    Abit nf7-s is a mixture between the epox and asus board great for overclocking and has a few more features

    before i recomend any memory i must ask

    are you planning to overclock/ upgrade to a 400mhz bus cpu in the future?

    3 386DX-25's...12 volts...glue some ln2 and a wicked amount of overclocking and you get a willamantee minus 36 pins, 33.75 million transistors and a couple hundred mhz... :cool:
  2. I don't think overclocking is anything for me cause I don't have money for a water cooling solution and I prefer a silent computer to a fast one with a loud fan. I'll probably not upgrade the system but buy a completely new in 2 years or so. Does it really make much difference if I buy branded memory or just common 3rd party memory?
  3. big diffrence...cheepo branded memory will beat any generic [-peep-]...

    3 386DX-25's...12 volts...glue some ln2 and a wicked amount of overclocking and you get a willamantee minus 36 pins, 33.75 million transistors and a couple hundred mhz... :cool:
  4. You get what you pay for with memory. Don't buy crap unless you want problems.

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  5. OCing with simple air cooling doesn't have to be noisy, just get a good HSF (heatsink fan) like a Zalman and you can overclock with a silent computer a full pocket.

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