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i have recently read an article in a web site in which it says that if someone has an SPDIF output in his sound card then he can connect it to his stereo speakers(their amplifier) through an RCA lead resulting in better sound performance and quality...Is this possible? From what i know SPDIF is digital while RCA leads connect analogicaly.And if this is true is there a cable that has from its one side an SPDIF jack and from the other side RCA leads? I haven't bought a sound card yet but my motherbord(ASUS P4SDX) has the sound max cadenza on board which seems to do its job(and has a SPDIF output).Please give me an advise on the matter!!Thanks
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  1. RCA leads are not neccessary analog. They can be purely digital. There are two types of digital audio cables, namely fibre optical cable and coaxial cable. And most coaxial type digital audio cables have RCA connectors like the one shown in <A HREF="http://www.etronics.com/product.asp?stk_code=s0780419" target="_new">this page</A>.

    Keep in mind that for traditional analog audio, you need two RCA-type cables to carry the two (stereo) channels of audio signal; while for digital audio, you only need <b>one</b> RCA-type coaxial cable to carry two or more channels of signal.

    SPDIF output transmits audio signal digitally, so you should make sure your speaker systems, amplifier or AV receiver have built-in decoder (such as Dolby Digital or DTS decoders).
  2. Even the analog connection sounds good through a home stereo, all you need is an adapter cable.

    But for SP-DIF, the two connections are "Digital Optical" and "Digital Coaxial". The digital coaxial version uses a single RCA cable that must be of high quality and must be connected to a Digital Coaxial input, not an analog RCA input, even though they both use the same cable ends.

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  3. Yes the RCA should be a good quality cable. I have stuck any old RCA cable on and it was worked though. You just need to connect the spdif out to the spdif in on devices that support it. If one of you devices doesn't support it then it wont work. Analog connection sound just fine. You just need to run more wires. Digital is not always better. Depends on what you like to listen to. Good old fasioned records have better sound quality than CD's. DVD concerts do sound good though through the optical cable. Can I tell the diff between optical and RCA ????????????????????
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