Laptop performance slow..

I've been using this laptop for about 3-4 years now. It's a Sony FRV25. When i first bought it at 2003 Best Buy, i could even play warcraft 3 of this PC. It ran like a charm.

now 3 years later, it's becoming very very slow.

Loading windows is fine, but everything after that is slugglish. I've been able to put up with it (good way to train my patience) but would really prefer if it's faster.

i've sent it to repair the PC fan before, but i'm not sure if they did a good job or not. Not much diff now and before.

My laptop Specs are

P4 2.66
1gb Ram
40GB hdd (with about 33% freespace)
Onboard videocard.

To test my laptop cpu temp, i use SpeedFan. I'm pretty Noob at this actually so i'll just give the numbers.

Fan1 : 0RPM, Fan2 : 0RPM
HD0 : 56C, Temp1 : 73C

I know my pc is hot, and i've heard a hot cpu would cause the pc to slowdown.. But which is my cpu temp? and how do i check it accurately?

Most of all.. how do i improve my Laptop performance. I can't even Use firefox + winamp + windows media player at the same time now. (yeah i do that sometimes.. don't ask why :P )
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  1. Major Geeks I think sites like this are the cats pajamas..the bees knees. You can find a ton of utilities etc here to guide you into laptop euphoria. Temps can plague a computer, but did you already check things like, Virus/Spyware/Adware/Defragmenting your drive etc. Have you checked how many process you have running in XP and how much available ram there is? crtl,alt,delte. Having your drive already 66%full will slow things down a bit, but should not be agonizingly slow. Sometimes a swap file is to blame also, but try programs like Adaware SE, spybot s+d,AVG for virus' if you are with out protection. scan for errors, defrag.. basically clean out your closet first. If you've already done that, then you can move forward..
    Check out NHC , notebook hardware control software. Sorry for no links, but you should find most of this easily at Major geeks
  2. thx for the reply. I'll check out

    i ran hijackthis on my pc. all clean. my current amount of processes is 47, it never goes above 50.

    Hijackthis is clean so don't htink there's any trojan,virus and such.
  3. Over the last 3-4 yrs AV has quadruple in size. If you are using Norton Kill it and move to one of the free services. So you may be running low on resources. It's always better to reload windows every year to cleanup from all of the MS updates. And not every program you load require to be a quicklauch, desktop icon or tray item. These consume resources. Also check your msconfig and see what is not required.
  4. Yup, i'm using AVGfree for AV, the things that are running in the background are the things i need.. everything else is turned off.

    Can anyone recommend what utility to test my PC performance? Not graphics but processing power.
  5. I don't mean to hijack this thread, so maybe someone can PM me, but I couldn't help noticing the advice to not use Norton. Why is that?
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