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Driver for canon LBP2900 printer for windows7 64bit

anyone has driver for canon LBP2900 printer for windows7 64bit
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  1. Canon would not likely issue Windows 7 drivers for out of warranty printers. Try Vista 64 drivers if available. Canon list no product 2900 in their LPB series.
  2. You can get the LBP2900 printer firmware for windows 7 from here

    Hope this will solve your issue
  3. that wont work.. already tried on a win7 ultimate 64bit with that driver and it kept on saying it's not combatible..
  4. tried.. both and it's doesnt work.. i believe those two drivers are meant for those canon image runner photostate machine..
  5. :bounce: hi i am muhammad samir

    thanks for all
  6. Have you verified with the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center to ensure that the device is indeed compatible with Windows 7? The Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center is available here:

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  7. ...Oooor you can go directly here. :bounce:

    I have my driver from here, and it works like a charm. Both 32bit and x64.. Verified and complete answer. :sol:

    ..And isn't that just rich. Jessica at "Microsoft Windows Client team" directs you to a search-page, instead of actually helping you solve your problem directly. Like I just did. That would have been client HELP, Miss "MS win Client Teamster".. But noooo.. Click "help" and then the checkbox that says "was this info helpful?" Answer "No"... :lol:
  8. Thanks Verifire...

    Your solution is perfect and works well for me for Win 7(64 bit )

  9. Good.. :D [Perhaps there's an opening for me at "Microsoft Windows Client Team"? :heink: ]
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    I just fixed my driver problem, I was trying to use the driver for the Lasershot LBP 2900 and I should have been using the driver for the iSys LBP 2900. Two completely different printers with the same numerical code - go figure!
  11. Good JOB!
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