NVidia Driver Crash and BSOD

Hey everyone, AGAIN! Lol my computer sucks :P.
Well this time it isn't a hardware problem. Like I said, I've been starting to get random, yes completely random, nvidia driver crashes. My screen will flash a few times and eventually just BSOD. Basically I've tried reinstalling drivers and rolling back drivers but the problem persists. I installed vista on a separate partition thinking there was some kind of weird conflict and whadya know, Vista, of all things!!, works perfectly. That's how I know it's software. So my question to you guys is, is there anyway for me to fix this without reinstalling 7? I have a lot of data on there and it would be a major hassle for me. Secondly, is there any way to reinstall 7 but to keep all of my settings and files? Like literally just replacing the OS files.

If there isnt't I guess I just have to face the music and copy everything to the other partition and then copy it back :P...
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Have you tried the latest 196.76 drivers? It might be worth giving them a go before taking drastic action.
  2. Using Cleaner Pro remove the older Nvidia Drivers.
    Restart the system.
    Download & install the latest graphics driver for your Graphics from here.
    Version 196.75
    Select proper version of 7 (64 bit or 32 bit)
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