On booting my PC it says Out-Of-Range

Everytime it does that..
I set the resolution to the smallest in safe mode, but still it gives the monitor error on normal booting.


I've got an LG FLatronE1951 monitor.
When I turn on the PC it says
211.7Khz / 240khz

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    What resolutions does your monitor support? You may need to uninstall video drivers in safe mode, and then reboot. If it comes back up, you can re-install the drivers.
  2. uninstalled Nvidia drivers on safe mode, restarded, and didnt work..
    any other solutions?!
  3. When I uninstalled the driver, it worked, but as I reinstalled the Nvidia driver, after restart it didnt work again.
  4. HELP ME
  5. What GPU?
  6. Nvidia Geforce GT 220
  7. Don't see any issues with that one. What frequency are you set at? If your refresh rate is 75 try 60.
  8. I cant even change the freq rate.
    When I try so, the only option available is "Hardware Default Frequency".

    And I have a LED monitor on 60.
  9. Hmmm. Can you borrow another graphics card or monitor to see if either is defective?

    I re-installed the video card driver, updated the monitor driver.
    I did a system restore on Directx, and after reboot EVERYTHING works!
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