Mystart Incredibar > Here's an easy fix, but is this only hiding the spyware?

Mystart Incredibar > Here's an easy fix, but is this only hiding the spyware?

[Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, AVG 2012 > Dell Precision T5400 / x5460 qc 3.2 / 12GB / GTX285 / WD RE4 500GB ]


Without notice, the search engine window in Mozilla Firefox changed from Google to "Mystart Incredibar". This completely took over Firefox and every tab opened to a Mystart search page, which redirects searches. There seemed to be a simultaneous increase in popups and messages.

Checking various sites, it seems this is a rapidly growing spyware that installs itself along with other programs and will install- and re-install- itself on any browser on the computer. I only downloaded a trial Cakewalk Sonar, but it's unlikely Mysart was piggy backing on that. I never use IE, but checking, there was Mystart Incredibar.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox, Incredibar reappeared, verifying that Incredibar lurks about, waiting to pounce on any browser.

Going through many sites> here, various spyware sites and youtube, the manual removal of Incredibar looked difficult> I never saw the same list of registry and other files to remove twice, and I couldn't find half of the files named in these lists.

There are automatic removal tools but apparently a number of the purveyors lead you into downloading and installing the anti-spyware and then ask for the $$ to activate. I'm always in an angry panic with viruses and tend to jump at promises of instant fixes. I don't mind paying for something useful, but I object to being told I have to pay after already obtaining it. These companies have obviously learned commercial tactics from the software from which they are supposed to protect their customers.

Enough ranting.

After a lot of frustrating tries, with the thing always returning, I finally came across a you tube video with tan astoundingly easy fix >

1. Click on the down arrow next to the search window.

2. In Firefox this has an option "Manage Search Engines", in IE64 this is called "Manage Search Providers".

3. Open "Manage Search Engines / Providers", select Mystart > press "Remove" > select and set your preferred browser as default. In Firefox I had 7 choices. However, in IE 64, Mystart had cleverly deleted all Search Provider choices except Mystart so there was no option to remove it. Fortunately, there is an option > "Find More Providers" and from a page of icons I selected Google and to install it in IE. Once there was a choice, I was allowed to Remove Mystart and set Google as default.

I have restarted both browsers and this simple fix seems to hold- so far. My question is though, is it possible that there are Mystart Incredibar spyware components - under different names perhaps- that are still running in the background?


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  1. ya its a virus.

    download tdsskiller

    check the checkbox to scan tdlfs file system and start the scan.
    remove any virus found (cure i think it calls it)

    download malware bytes
    check the check box's for all virus's found

    flush dns
    click start type cmd
    type ipconfig /flushdns
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