How can i delete a half installed OS off a hard drive but keep files?


I'm having an issue with my 2tb Sata Harddrive, in an attempt to reload windows onto the harddrives on my PC, "I wasnt sure which one had the least files!"I half loaded windows onto it before being told something along the lines of not enough freespace, now after buying a new OS harddrive am hoping to access those files,yet every time i start windows with both plugged in my computer, none are picking up!until i unplug the faulty and restart and its fine again.Please Help
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  1. remove all drives from the computer. connect the drive you want to install windows on, only. install a fresh copy of windows and all updates, including all motherboard drivers.
    install all other drives and it should boot with C being the new fresh install, and E:, F: or whatever as the other secondary drives
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