Can a dell optiplex 745 mid-tower run windows 7?

Hey guys i have a dell optiplex 745 can it run windows home premium , ultimate etc.

Specs are:

pentium d 820

graphics : ati x1300 or 1500

ram 2gb

harddrive : 8ogb

current win: xp

on the dell web site it says it was test for windows 7 ?
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  1. It should be capable of it, but I doubt you would be happy with the results of actually doing it. The main issue would be whether or not Dell has Windows 7 drivers for that model up, or if you want to try and find updated versions individually on your own.

    I often find it helpful to not just consider whether or not something is possible, but also whether or not it is a good idea. In this particular instance, I do not think you would likely be happy with the outcome if you tried putting Windows 7 on that machine.
  2. Will run Windows 7 fairly well, if you stick to 32-bit. Only issue you may have is the ATI 'X' card will not have a native Win7 driver, last they did was for Vista, which will work in legacy mode.
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    yup will work just fine i have a few in the shop running 7, added cheap graphic cards so my users could run aero (gt240's)
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