Best Buy Toshiba laptop for $249. Chipset? Worth it?

Okay, I'm turning to my fellow forum members for help. I have been researching this laptop for hours, trying to figure out what chipset is in this, so that ultimately, I could put in a better processor, perhaps pentium-m or Core/core 2 duo.

The Black Friday add for after thanksgiving is here:
The Toshiba laptop for 250:

This laptop seems to exist only marginally according to Toshiba, so i'm having trouble finding out what chipset is inside. I have done a few hours of searching with no results. Does anyone have any insight? The closest I got was a user manual that may or may not be for ANY L35 model notebook. Trying to search for drivers, manuals, etc from toshiba's site doesn't yield any L35 models.

I know all about the integrated graphics/shared memory, which doesn't bother me, because it will be for basic computing and movie watching at home and on the road for me and my wife. I was however hoping I could bump up the processor and RAM and maybe even a faster RPM Hard Drive someday (saving money on the laptop cost right now). At that point I would use it for basic gaming, some RTS, etc.

Gotta be at the store at 5am on friday morning, so I have to determine if it's worth it before then.

thanks for any help!!!
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  1. Do it. The processor is problably a socket 478. Go to and look at what the processor is and that will tell you.

    2 Gb HD and fat HD make it a steal for under $600.....
  2. well i waited outside best buy all night to try to get this laptop and a camcorder, but i wasn't able to get the laptop. grr...stupid line skippers. thanks for the input...if I can find another laptop that is 400 series Celeron, I looked up further info on the X200m chipset and it does support up to the Core 2 duo procs.

    let me know if any sub-400 deals come along!
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