Cant decide on memeory

OK I am getting
2.4c with MSI Neo 2 FIS2R motherboard.

Can somebody please recommend good memory for this setup. I play games and do want to overclock 2.4c to at least 3.0

I have around $150 to spend. Thanx
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  1. You will want to get at least pc3200 (400 fsb I think) memory if your overclocking. Corsair, crucial, kingston, are just some of the good memory makers. Take your pick.
  2. Well if you want to overclock your processor at 3 ghz, You will need PC4000 Memory. See your Fsb is 200mhz and your processor is at 2400mhz wich give you a 12x multiplier. Now if you divide 3000 by 12, you get 250mhz or DDR500. SO in order for your system to run properly youll need this kind of ram.
    The only thing is that these modules are really overpriced and are DDR466 overclocked with the manufacturer telling you that it will run at this speed. Thats why I'd suggest using PC3700 and running your processor at something like 2.8ghz 233*12=2796. Always run the memory synced with the processor and I dont recommand buying overpriced DDR500.
    Whatever you do I suggest staying with the best brand: COrsair,kingston,geil,ocz etc
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