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I just bought a new case (Fudin ATX 268) and it has USB on the front as well as holes for audio jacks (microphone and headphones). The USB only requires that I connect the cable to the motherboard. But how do I get audio to the front panel? I need some sort of cable that goes from the sound card to the front panel. Where do I buy one?
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  1. Depends on what audio card your using. some onboard audios will have a cable supplied with the MB.
    Check the web site of your audio card/MB maker to see if they have one.
    By the way list what you have so we can help better.
  2. I have a SB Audigy and an Asus 875E, but I don't have the cable to add a front headphone jack.
  3. Can't find any info online about Fudin cases. Is there any sort of cable attached to the case for the audio plugs, or just holes? If there is a cable, what sort of connector does it have?

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  4. The case should have a wire already attached to the jack. Mine does. It works with the new motherboards with onboard sound. It's a new intel standard or somthing. I would assume that a brand new sound card would have it also. So you would probobly have to have an audigy 2. But I can't say for sure. I know my new mother board has the connections (P4P800).
  5. The case only had the holes for front audio, but no wires or jacks.

    I returned the case (I thought it had front audio), so never mind any way.
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