GeForce go 8 series?

I am currently a high school senior and will probably receive a laptop as a graduation gift. I have been messing around with systems from dell, hp, toshiba and killernotebooks. Thing I was wondering is when will the new go versions of the 8000 series arive? The laptop won't be ordered until march or may so I have time to wait. Any info would be helpful and greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I spoke to nVidia last week and teh 8800 is not on their roadmap to put in a mobile platform because of the power requirements and the heat it generates. They said maybe late summer they will announce 3 or 4 Q '07 something.
  2. wow, sucks to be me. This probably means that any laptop I get will be obsolete in 2 months. Unfortunately that was not the news I was hoping for. oh well thanks anyway KN.
  3. There's no saying that the cards won't upgrade. I am not sure why people are thinking this DX-10 is the next coming. Think of it this way, The PCI express slot in your desktop took DX-9 cards, now they take DX-10 cards.
  4. I would wait untel the core 2 are 800mhz fsb and faster cpu. Right now there at 667mhz fsb and the fastest is t7600 2.33ghz. So I am guessing 2.4 to 2.5ghz. Depending on the new die shrink works out.
  5. Yea, because God knows you need more than 5 Ghz of procesing power in a notebook.

    Unless you are Fermilab, I think you'll be o.k.

    The real bottleneck in notebooks isn't the CPU, there is more than enoguh CPU power nowadays, the hard drive is the #1 thing that needs to be adressed and updated. I hope they start focusing on bringing the cost of Flash Ram/Solid State drives down.
  6. There are a few desktop replacement notebooks available that do take 8 series cards already. However, these are very high-end systems, and are generally somewhat bigger than the average laptop. If you want performance and can get one, these can be great ones to have. I'll be glad to help answer any questions you have regarding notebooks. As far as I've heard, there aren't any plans to release a mobile directx 10 card soon.
  7. Well to say that, "There are a few desktop replacement notebooks available that do take 8 series cards already.", is extremely misleading.

    A system 14" x 18" and 5" deep then it is maybe at best a micro-ATX system with a LCD screen. I don't think anyone that looked at something of that size would classify it as a notebook... unless they were from 1975.
  8. Haha, good point KN. I wouldn't say that I am looking for an enthusiast notebook, but one that can handle any current gen games ie: COD2 or BF 2142. That being said, I am looking for something with a 17 inch screen for about 2000 USD, give or take a few hundred. Like I originally said I have looked at stuff from Dell, HP, Killer Notebooks and Toshiba. any other recommendations would be most appreciated.
  9. WidowPC, FalconNorthwest
  10. The heck with 5gig. Where is Quad-core???????
  11. April is the soonest I have heard.
    That is a maybe too.
  12. Nvidia “Sampling” DirectX 10 Mobile GPU for Centrino Pro Notebooks.
  13. The article is very vague. It specifically says, "We don't know if this is an 8xxx series card variant or 8800." Seems like propaganda.

    "No, no, no, don't start thinking about ATI... think about us... we're still in the game." The 8800 is no where on their dmap o be moile~ized. That is what i would like to see first
  14. Ur Right!!!!This just Give us Hope....
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