Boot delay, and modem problems

BEst people,
1: I am running ME on a asus a7v mobo
After installing everything seemed fine, NOT!!
I am facing a Major delay in booting my pc..
Every time when i turn on my pc it wil boot checking sdram, harddrive, ect ect...
When i see the win ME screen it goes black and waits about 20 to 30 seconds and then goes on with start up..
Is this normal??
Last friday i bought a mycom 56k modem..
I instaled it in to my pc.
Used the right drivers for ME and everything seems to work fine..
No errors No conflicts, all the checks are ok.. IRQ`s are ok
Everything works fine the computer tells me..
Protocol is tcp ip standard configuration..

Ok i make a new dail up connection. Fill in the right info telephone numbers , ect ect...

I let the modem dail to my provider.
You know the modem sound. sound seems like normal.
But when he should be at the point that he has to verify username and password my pc hangs evrytime..
What the hell is wrong? can anybody help?
Please, i would be very greatfull...
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  1. I run my Modem on a win98 pc and that worked fine...
    So that problem is solved.. It is driver problems...for ME

    Only the damm boot delay.. does any body have this problem?
    I looked if any scsi option where on on my mobo but that wasnt it..
    Please help...
  2. Did the problem show up right after installing Windows Me?
    Or did you install all the drivers, and then it showed up?
    I've seen something like that happen after installing IDE drivers, and not having anything connected to the secondary IDE port. If this is the case, I can help you out, if not, well, you could boot up with the bootlog option, to see exactly where it's hanging.
  3. No, your right. When i first installed ME it booted just like Win 98..
    After a view changes here and there and installing a few drivers it had this problem..
    Couldt it be the U ata100 drivers for my hard disk?
  4. Ok, well I need to know if you have anything attached to your secondary IDE channel. If not, then I can most likely help you resolve the boot delay.
  5. Nope othing on my secondary IDE channel.
    Only use primary master and slave
  6. Ok, that would probably be the reason for the boot delay. Let me explain to you how to solve this and let me know if it works. You need to go into your registry. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, then don't, I can probably come up with a different way of doing it, but it's really not to complicated.
    Go to the following key
    This should be your secondary IDE. And it should say so in the DriverDesc.
    Where it says PortDriver, is should says something related to VIA with a .mpd extension, but I cannot be sure what exactly. Replace whatever it says with ESDI_506.PDR.
    What this does is that for the secondary channel, it uses Microsoft's driver, and not VIA's, which won't hinder performance or anything since you have nothing connected to this channel, and your boot delay should go away.
    You could also take the CD-ROM or Harddrive that you have connected as slave on the primary IDE channel, and place it as Master on your secondary IDE channel. It should even improve performance slightly if you do this, especially if these devices are using different access methods (ATA/100 and ATA/33 for example).
  7. So just rename the whatever.mpd to ESDI_506.pdr
    and put my cd -rom on the secondary IDE ( Great tip )
    Correct me if i am wrong..
    Cool i am gonna do this as soon i am back from work..
    Thanx alot.. I mean realy thanx alot...
  8. You can do one or the other. I would guess that placing the CD-ROM on the secondary channel would probably be better in your case. If you don't want to place the CD-ROM on the secondary IDE channel, for whatever reason, then yes, just rename the whatever.mpd to ESDI_506.pdr.
  9. I think you may have two different problems here.
    First, the dial-up is a problem with your provider and they would be the best people to help answer your question about that.

    Now for the boot-up delay.
    Do you have an ATA100 HD attached to the ATA100 controller?
    If not, do you have the ATA100 disabled in bios?
    Did you install the Promise drivers in Windows?
    If you installed the promise drivers in Windows and you don't use an ATA100 HD on the 100 controller, go into device manager and disable the Promise controller. This will speed up your boot times quite a bit.

    But you must let us know if you have an ATA100 HD and where it is connected.
  10. I found the cause of my boot delay it is the u-ata 100 drivers.
    I whas realy fed up with the problem and after all your friendly help i tried jus to format my hard drive and put win 98 on it...
    That didnt work out that great and i had even more problems and conflicts... But that `s an other problem..

    I am now once again gonna try to install Win ME..
    Ok here`s the deal.
    My harddrive is on the Primary Ultra ata 100 IDE
    My Cdrom is on Primary IDE

    I have no boot delay at all before installing the win 98 Promise Ultra 100 IDE Controler..

    Please people Help me out..
    My guess is that it is something on my a7v mobo...
  11. Good News all, My modem works now under WIN ME,
    Don`t have any blue screens anymore.. ( yet that is )
    The only problem is still the boot delay..

    The boot delay come`s after installing the u-ata 100 ide promise drivers..
    Any guess what it can be?
  12. Have you tried putting your cdrom on the secondary Promise IDE channel?
  13. Didn`t tried that... Wouldn`t that slow down de hard drive?
    i think so
  14. It would slow it down only if you placed the cd-rom as a slave on the Primary Promise IDE channel, but if you place it as a master on the secondary, there will be no slow down.
  15. Thats where it is..
    I have 4 IDE controlers

    1 master u-ata 100 IDE Thats where my hard drive is on
    2 Slave U-ata 100 IDE Free

    1 Second master . IDE Here is my Cdrom
    2 Second slave IDE Free
  16. That's the deal, you have 4 IDE channels, 2 IDE controllers. 1 Primary Promise, 1 Secondary Promise. 1 Primary normal, and 1 Secondary Normal. You have nothing on your secondary Promise IDE channel. What you should try is placing your CD-ROM on your secondary Promise IDE channel, not as a slave to your Primary Promise IDE channel. This means that it's on a separate cable, if it's on the same cable, then it would have to be configured as a slave to your hd.
  17. Ok thats what i havent tried.. Yet
    You will here it tomorow.....
  18. Also, just in case you haven't done so, download the latest Promise drivers, u160b25 off of the Asus page.
  19. From what I understand, if you have a ata100 and a ata33 on the same channel you will have ata33 by default. Put your hdd on channel one and cd on channel 2 and you should have ata100 on channel 1 and ata33 on channel 2

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