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  1. I'll invest in this technology ASAP.
  2. Only problem is... uh.... nothing.
  3. Counter argument brought to you by Fred and Barney
  4. In the public eye, Lady Gaga has a status and social grace advantage over Boxer? We report, you decide.

  5. I really don't get all the hype around Lady Ga Ga. There is nothing what so ever I find appealing about her, much less her so called "music."
  6. ^ It is her personality more than her music.
  7. It needs to be ignored and it will go away...
  8. ^ Good luck with that in America. Do you Aussies have any talent you like that you could bring over to the states?

  9. Technology ?!?? We dont need no stinkin technology
  10. Quote:
    Do you Aussies have any talent you like that you could bring over to the states?

    I ask myself Huh?


    The Australia Tourist Bureau reported a record number of Californians visiting Australia this year along with a huge number of Australians who visited California. We share a special kinship. Australia started out as a prison colony while California has evolved into one.
  11. Actually there are a lot of Yank tourists here and we don't mind them as they are pretty courteous in fact ...

    They seem to swill less beer than the poms and make less of an ass of themselves in public.

    They also like to spend money on aboriginal art ... which is good for our locals.
  12. ^ Glad us Yankees could help out YOUR economy!
  13. There are a lot of Aussies in the actin' business over here. Most are acceptable. ;) I'm a fan of Keith Urban, even though he is technically from New Zealand, as he was born there, but moved to Australia when he was young. The man can play the guitar with the best of them.
  14. Famous people are not really indicative of us ... apart from Steve Irwin ... he was pretty real ... a bit too real.

    Hugh Jackman is pretty real ... along with wis wife are probably a couple of the only real hollywood actors there are.
  15. I enjoyed Hugh Jackman is the X-MEN flicks- he did a great job pulling off Wolverine.
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